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Notes from Lancaster County

Visited Amish country this week….some thoughts came to mind…..

Whew, I’m out of the city and can breathe!!

As difficult as it can be farming as a family and finding productive land, how much more difficult it is to find suitable farms close to home for your children to work if you’re Amish.  In fact, most of the younger men are in woodworking and other similar trades because of a lack of available farms.

Visited a farm for quilts….and had a nice conversation with the farmer as he was milking in the barn. Yes, I knocked first and asked his permission. They have around 30 holsteins. We chatted about milk production, ranching in Arizona, and cows.  Farmers are farmers wherever they go and however they’re dressed.

As we were leaving with our purchases, two, not one but Two, tour buses pulled up and there were people all over the yard, on the back stoop, and in the barn. RUDE on any place and at anyones home.

Thank you, Mr & Mrs Riehls for your hospitality and gentle spirit.


Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership, Baltimore MD

Here I am in Baltimore!  Haven’t had a crab cake yet but its on the list!  We are part of Farm Bureau because they are the largest farm interest group in the country as well as truly grassroots – county to nation, not nation to county policies.  There’s about 500+ women, thought there’d be more but the economy and the weather aren’t cooperating.  Workshops on media and public relations, answering hot issue questions, and telling our story.  6 of us from AZ.  Water hydrants on this morning – just left running awhile. Boy is that different than home!  There was a reenactment of a civil war skirmish, the Pratt St. riot, that was between the Massachusetts troops and southern sympathizers. First casaulties of the war right on the street in front of our hotel.  Tours on Monday of local business.  Hope I learn lots to take home for our county and our ranch.

4/17  Nice break this morning at the national aquarium across the street.  Learning some good info on relating to media. It is a blessing to be part of an organization that has invocations and a Sunday morning chapel.

4/18 Tours today as we wrap up the convention. Went to carroll county farm museum and a couple of revolutionary and civil war era towns and homes.  Pretty cool but not enough time.  The docents at the farm museum told us they enjoyed having a group of women who understood so much of the museum.  Barn that was donated there was built in 1794.

Cattle Call

No, its not a audition for a dance. lol!  We train our cows to come when we call them. This saves us hours of time looking for them, keeps them gentle and tame, safer to work around as we are often on foot or in the truck with the boys, and allows me to move them by myself if needed.  In the long run, the meat is also more tender, as the cows haven’t been doing sprints through the pasture.  Okay, I know it isn’t the iconic image of the cowboy on horseback with a rope in his hand, but I’m not in the business to shoot postcards. We do have one horse for the boys to ride, so not real speedy or cowy, and one a friend is giving us. Mostly, we use them to pack equipment if we need to go somewhere we can’t in a vehicle.   “Come on cows, come on, come on……”

happy cows