No, its not a audition for a dance. lol!  We train our cows to come when we call them. This saves us hours of time looking for them, keeps them gentle and tame, safer to work around as we are often on foot or in the truck with the boys, and allows me to move them by myself if needed.  In the long run, the meat is also more tender, as the cows haven’t been doing sprints through the pasture.  Okay, I know it isn’t the iconic image of the cowboy on horseback with a rope in his hand, but I’m not in the business to shoot postcards. We do have one horse for the boys to ride, so not real speedy or cowy, and one a friend is giving us. Mostly, we use them to pack equipment if we need to go somewhere we can’t in a vehicle.   “Come on cows, come on, come on……”

happy cows