Visited Amish country this week….some thoughts came to mind…..

Whew, I’m out of the city and can breathe!!

As difficult as it can be farming as a family and finding productive land, how much more difficult it is to find suitable farms close to home for your children to work if you’re Amish.  In fact, most of the younger men are in woodworking and other similar trades because of a lack of available farms.

Visited a farm for quilts….and had a nice conversation with the farmer as he was milking in the barn. Yes, I knocked first and asked his permission. They have around 30 holsteins. We chatted about milk production, ranching in Arizona, and cows.  Farmers are farmers wherever they go and however they’re dressed.

As we were leaving with our purchases, two, not one but Two, tour buses pulled up and there were people all over the yard, on the back stoop, and in the barn. RUDE on any place and at anyones home.

Thank you, Mr & Mrs Riehls for your hospitality and gentle spirit.