A common question people ask is how we know which cows are ours. We have several ways actually. 1. They’re all branded with our legal brand the L lazy E which is registered with the state. 2. Each cow and calf are identified with an ear tag. 3. They come running when we call them and follow the truck!  Several of the cows have white markings so I can tell at a distance which is which.  The hard part is the solid black ones, but even some of them have different shaped heads or faces.  Then, they all have different “personalities”. Dolly, #1, is a big black  cow with a white star that is pushy and bossy.  Daisy, #79, is reddish brown with black socks and ears. She always comes running to the truck and always looks good even when everyone else is a tad thin.  #39 is a black cow with brown hues who stays in the background.  #9, Cupcake, is sweet and will lick you to death but somewhat of a pain in the corrals as she won’t get out of the way!  #148, a solid black is quite flighty so we always try to throw her extra protein.  This time of year, we try to go out every day or every other so we can keep track of who has calves, who hasn’t calved, and when they’re born.