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Rain Dance – the Desert Smells Like Rain

Soooo the monsoon rains haven’t started yet but we had some clouds, virga, and some drops made it to the ground. The boys excitedly ran in the house jumping up and down saying its raining, mom! its raining! (True desert rats we are) Then the breeze bought a whiff….ahhhh.  We haven’t had any moisture since December so just the hint of it is enought to elicit joy. Two of my favorite books are Hip, Hip, Hooray It’s Monsoon Day and The Desert Smells Like Rain.  While the second is really about the Tohono O’daham people the title has resonated with me for years. If you don’t live in the desert it doesn’t make much sense but when you do you can smell the rain coming for miles.  Technically the volatile oils in creosote and mesquite, it really is God’s way of smiling.  The thought also struck me that how often we have spiritual rain and we may miss the joy. Perhaps in America it’s because we’re used to living in a spiritual rain forest so to speak??  May we never grow tired of dancing when it rains, physically regenerating tired dusty land and people or spiritually doing the same.  Thank you Lord for your goodness! Bring on the thunder and lightning….


Public Land Stewardship

“we buy the grass from the managers of the public lands, the peoples lands. The government, and therefore the people, make a profit, even when the rancher is not….” Jim Parks, veteran cowboy 35+ years, Babbitt Ranches, AZ

Ranchers and to some extent farmers are your stewards. We pay grazing fees to the government for the use of grass and forage  and maintain the improvements without reimbursement.  You, the public, get the benefit of someone watching over and taking care of the public land. There is no physical way the agencies could hire enough employees to do the same.

Decisions, Decisions…

As Americans we enjoy and are blessed to have choices about the kind, cost, and quality of food we eat. From local to exotic, organic, natural, or just stopping at the local grocery we have many options.  Often, we don’t even consider how what we purchase is going to affect everyone involved in producing that food from market to grower and in between.  We all want quality, affordable food that is safe for our families.  We all eat.  Do we really want to regulate American agriculture to the point that our food is produced elsewhere and not in America? Do we really expect other countries will regulate and produce the safe and nutritious food we now enjoy to our standards? I recently learned of a group of college students who are trying to educate about food choices and where our food comes from.   check it out.   Thought provoking…let’s talk.

Cow Tipping – the continuing saga

Bossie is up and about and wandering around the yard. She tries to get into the horse hay and drinks out of the fishpond. We haven’t seen her actually get herself up yet so for now she stays around the house. We have been able to get her up by pushing and shoving on her and lifting up on her tail instead of using the backhoe and straps.  Progress…..unfortuately her calf was stillborn.  Too much stress I guess.