Soooo the monsoon rains haven’t started yet but we had some clouds, virga, and some drops made it to the ground. The boys excitedly ran in the house jumping up and down saying its raining, mom! its raining! (True desert rats we are) Then the breeze bought a whiff….ahhhh.  We haven’t had any moisture since December so just the hint of it is enought to elicit joy. Two of my favorite books are Hip, Hip, Hooray It’s Monsoon Day and The Desert Smells Like Rain.  While the second is really about the Tohono O’daham people the title has resonated with me for years. If you don’t live in the desert it doesn’t make much sense but when you do you can smell the rain coming for miles.  Technically the volatile oils in creosote and mesquite, it really is God’s way of smiling.  The thought also struck me that how often we have spiritual rain and we may miss the joy. Perhaps in America it’s because we’re used to living in a spiritual rain forest so to speak??  May we never grow tired of dancing when it rains, physically regenerating tired dusty land and people or spiritually doing the same.  Thank you Lord for your goodness! Bring on the thunder and lightning….