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You Must Be Present to Win…..or be Heard

Nobody likes meetings. Nobody wants to go to more meetings. Yet here I am at the Arizona Cattlegrowers annual meeting in Prescott. I am on the county cattlegrowers committee and the county Farm Bureau as well. I also am on the state Farm Bureau women’s leadership committee. Having a forest service grazing lease and a state grazing lease also translates to more meetings. Why would I even think about all these, leadership conferences, and training sessions? “You must be present to win” , “Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease”, or “If you don’t vote you can’t complain”. If agricultural producers represent less than 2% of the population and feed America and parts of the world, we better be a pretty squeaky group. Otherwise, how will people know how and where they’re food comes from, what it takes to produce and transport it to the store, and what food safety is really about?? Food production needs to increase to feed the world of the future. All of the different segments of agriculture need to work together to make that happen. Communication between and within industry groups is key. So hi ho, hi ho, its off to meetings i go….


Roundup and other cow tales….

Well the past two days I’ve been driving around calling cows. The neighbors called at 8:30pm wednesday and we had cows and bulls visiting the local elementary school – good thing they have a fence around the ball field. We had to fix two fences at either end of the ranch.  Then I gathered everybody up again.  Today one of our neighbors let us know they’re unhappy about the cows visiting their property. We want to be good neighbors but AZ law says you take care of your own property, meaning if you don’t like the cows build a fence! We’ll see how that goes… In the meantime coming back from town we saw a riderless saddled horse – went to check and found a neighbor lady had been bucked off her horse. Helped her get home and ponied the horse behind the truck.  Then came to town and bought protein and feed for the animals. Sending emails for an upcoming cattlegrowers meeting and getting ready to brand and tag tomorrow. Well, I guess it’s better than being bored with nothing to do!

Our Mission Statement

Preserving ranching heritage with good stewardship of God’s natural resources while producing quality natural beef.  Raising the public’s awareness of sustainable agriculture through hospitality, recreation, and educational opportunities.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

Well not quite pouring yet but we did get a good rain.  Yes, I know some folks have had plenty but not in AZ!  Just stood on the porch and inhaled and enjoyed the sound on the metal porch roof.  Lightning and thunder late into the night.  Thank you Lord!