Well the past two days I’ve been driving around calling cows. The neighbors called at 8:30pm wednesday and we had cows and bulls visiting the local elementary school – good thing they have a fence around the ball field. We had to fix two fences at either end of the ranch.  Then I gathered everybody up again.  Today one of our neighbors let us know they’re unhappy about the cows visiting their property. We want to be good neighbors but AZ law says you take care of your own property, meaning if you don’t like the cows build a fence! We’ll see how that goes… In the meantime coming back from town we saw a riderless saddled horse – went to check and found a neighbor lady had been bucked off her horse. Helped her get home and ponied the horse behind the truck.  Then came to town and bought protein and feed for the animals. Sending emails for an upcoming cattlegrowers meeting and getting ready to brand and tag tomorrow. Well, I guess it’s better than being bored with nothing to do!