In the gathering summer twilight a low rumbling moan of a bull carries on the wind. The lowing of cows on the opposite side of the barbed wire fence have attracted him, but he’s been looking in all the wrong places.  The rancher walks down the road following the sound of the grumbling and finds a young black bull with no eartag. “He’s not numbered but he’s ours” he cries to his helpers in the pickup truck. Turning the truck around, they throw protein cubes out to the cows on the other side of the fence and to the bull. Driving slowly down the fenceline, the bull on one side and the cows on the other follow to a gate. The cowboy opens the gate, carries a bag of protein through and the cows and bull are reunited.  Love blossoms in the twilight and the cowboy and his crew ride off  into the sunset on four wheels.  True story….just the other night in fact. We continue to brand because it is the only truly permanent way to identify ownership of cattle.  Happy trails for everybody.