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“Honest Meat” an excerpt from “Bill Sharp, Rawhide Cowboy”

While reading Mr. Sharp’s biography I came across this interesting quote of his cow camp cook c.1930-1940

“Honest meat comes fromt he carcasses of animals that have become fat on range grass. Cowboys believe it’s tastier, firmer, an’ juicier than them pen-fattened critters what’s been fed molasses, grain, hay an’ a lot of other stuff, so’s they’ll put on what’s called a fast weight gain……”

I have no beef, so to speak :), with  corn fed beef, but I can tell you that I have come to prefer the taste and texture of our grass fed meat. It’s all a matter of prespective and what your used to.


Arizona Seasons

Arizona really does have all four seasons. Yes, you can drive to the mountains for fall foliage, and Flagstaff for plenty of snow. But if you take the time to look, you can find the seasons in all parts of AZ. Here’s my perspective from the southeast corner…..Spring – balmy, breezy days, fuzzy baby quail no bigger than a ping pong ball, mourning doves calling at dawn….Summer – hot days were the warmth from a bright sun seeps into your bones, showers and shade actually cool you off (it’s a dry heat), gambel’s quail call to their mates and announce their territories, and the buzz from lac insects is ever present in the creosote, sudden wind and rains with the monsoon, Thunder and lightning!,  and fabulous sunsets, the smell of rain on a dry thirsty land…..Fall – cool, hazy days with a weaker sunshine, grass turning brown, and just a certain feel in the air…..Winter – okay so it’s not as cold as a lot of other places but we still bundle up, low hanging scudding clouds, slow drizzly rain all day, furry horses, and snow on the mountains.