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Farm Kids

Thank you so much if you commented or visited websites or contacted your legislator concerning the proposed Department of Labor rules regarding kids working on farms. Thank you, Farm Bureau, for being a great assest to ranchers and farmers all over the country!


Thankful for a Flat Tire

The other night we drove up to the forest to check on our mamma moos and their water situation. Ended up with a flat on the Polaris Ranger. Well, at least you can drive on those…..slowly…. It took us 2 hours to get home, which is usually twenty minutes tops. Of course at first I took a big deep breath. It was late afternoon on a gorgeous April day. My son was concerned at first and fussing at me about not having a portable air compressor, time of day etc.. I told him to quite complaining, we could still make it home. We started noticing the breeze, doves, the spring green up of the grass. Clouds over in New Mexico (yes we can see that far) were actually storm clouds and as we tooled along they went from puffy and white to an actual anvil head cumulonimbus thunderhead to disapating and shredded by the wind. We listened to crickets and then my boy “mooed” his way through the theme for “How the West was Won” and walked behind and alongside. We talked about how that was the pace covered wagons and calvary columns traveled and how long it would take to get cross country. Plenty of hugs and kisses.

The sky changed from blue to peachy pink, to slate blue, to glorious yellow over the mountains as the sun slid away. It was just twilight when we pulled in the gate at home, thankful for a flat tire.