A great overview of another attempt by government to overstep its bounds.


Despite the fact that our federal Government and the Supreme Court have upheld the need to limit EPAregulation of federal waterways to “navigable” waters of the United States, the EPA currently has proposed a guidance document which will go around a twice upheld federal law to make any standing water America subject to Regulation. Now that is a wordy way of saying, that the EPA wants to go around the LAW to come on my farm, your yard, our schools, etc. and regulate ANY area that has standing water for more than a few hours.

Let’s simplify this even further… Is this navigable?


Or how bout this?


Maybe this is a “navigable” body of water that should be under EPA and federal regulations?


But if the guidance document passes, not only are the above areas under consideration for regulation but so are these …



Please consider contacting your…

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