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Running Hot and Cold

We had quite a cold snap last week – didn’t get above freezing for a week and we were colder than Anchorage Alaska! had icicles around our troughs and a cracked valve, had to break ice on the troughs and the frog pond stayed frozen thick enough to stand on the whole week….brrrr!

Then….this week it’s been up in the 70s and 80s, no joke! Now it’s cloudy and going to rain…

Our neighbor, whose lived in the area all his life says “I like being a cattleman 12 months out of the year but I only want to cowboy about 9 months out of the year”


Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated!

This is an interesting article about a big health concern. Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated!.

Diary of a Dogie, updated



So June is now a strapping 400+ pound heifer and coping just fine. She has graduated to a real pen as she was hogging all the goats feed. Daniel hasn’t decided if he will use her for 4-H or not but he needs to halter break her soon!