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Bobby the Barn Cat

The other day my daughter drove up to the library to use the Wifi. She was there about 2 hours. Unbeknownst to her, one of our barn cats, Bobby had ridden along under the hood.  Bobby is so named because she has short course fur and looks like a bobcat with a long tail. Well, as any of you who have barn cats know, cats and fan belts don’t mix. When she went to leave and started the truck, she heard a thump and squeal. Pulling back into the parking spot, she got out to investigate and found the cat under the truck. In tears, she called me. My hubby and I headed up there with a trash bag for the corpse. Well, we found my daughter petting the cat. Bobby the cat has a broken front leg/shoulder but otherwise is no worse for the wear! She ran, yes ran, under the storage when we attempted to doctor her. After getting her out from under, We’ve splinted the leg and are keeping her kenneled. When I can, I’ll post a photo of the miracle cat. I think that fur saved her life.


Why I’m Glad I Don’t Have Wi-Fi at Home

Strange Title for a blog post, I’ll admit. Especially when I just finished a class on building a business website. Still….I really am glad overall. Oh there are days it would be convenient, and I wouldn’t have a stack of stuff two inches thick constantly rotating on my desk. But…here’s the reasons I’m glad I dont:

(please note, this isn’t a rant against those of you who do check your accounts daily or do business on the web, just my thoughts)

* I can’t spend (waste) too much time on the computer because I can’t constantly be checking my blog, facebook, and email. Plus, there’s less chance of posting something I’ll regret or feeling like I must post something, anything!

*Not wondering if someone thought of me in the last three hours.

Did you know checking electronic accounts too much actually raises and then crashes the dopamine and endorphines in your head? Guess its cause we all get a happy fuzzy when someone says hi but if we check  and nobody has notices us today, well the blues start.

*Don’t need to buy filters for the computer.

I know some of you don’t use filters but I have two prepubescent boys at home who are on the verge of manhood and I don’t want to go there with the web, thanks. If we don’t got the web, they can’t stumble on sexually explicit material. Plus, when they are on the computer we can work together and have sane conversations beforehand about what’s appropriate and what’s not and at an appropriate age.

*If I feel the need to say something and it takes me three days to get it on the blog, I might change my mind completely, find more information, or just be better written.

So there it is and yes you can call me stuck in a previous century. I manage to keep up and I’d rather be outside chasing cows and enjoying the sunshine anyway.

Happy Unplugging!