The other day my daughter drove up to the library to use the Wifi. She was there about 2 hours. Unbeknownst to her, one of our barn cats, Bobby had ridden along under the hood.  Bobby is so named because she has short course fur and looks like a bobcat with a long tail. Well, as any of you who have barn cats know, cats and fan belts don’t mix. When she went to leave and started the truck, she heard a thump and squeal. Pulling back into the parking spot, she got out to investigate and found the cat under the truck. In tears, she called me. My hubby and I headed up there with a trash bag for the corpse. Well, we found my daughter petting the cat. Bobby the cat has a broken front leg/shoulder but otherwise is no worse for the wear! She ran, yes ran, under the storage when we attempted to doctor her. After getting her out from under, We’ve splinted the leg and are keeping her kenneled. When I can, I’ll post a photo of the miracle cat. I think that fur saved her life.