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What’s Annie’s Project? Risk Management Education for Farm and Ranch Women

I have been busy in Jackson, Mississippi this week training for Annie’s Project. If you’d like the whole background visit Basically, it is a program for farm and ranch women, wether new to the business or an old hand, married into, inherited, just interested, or the principal manager. It is basic business training with an agricultural emphasis. Many women don’t feel comfortable asking questions in a mixed group or sharing frankly so Annie’s classes are designed to give them a safe place to do that. I am sooo excited to be part of the team that is bringing this program to the women of Arizona! If you are, know, or plan to be a farm or ranch wife please pass this along. More info to come soon!!


While Mom’s Away the Boys will Play??

While I’ve been gone training for Annie’s Project, the boys (dear hubby and youngest) built a new set of pens in our waterlot. This will help us work calves, tag and brand, while they’re younger and it’s a little less stressful on them and us. IMG00322-20130509-1339