So I’ve had some folks ask why I attend so many meetings and conventions. The short answer is to keep up with issues and improve our business…but it’s so much more than that.

Attending the local, state, and some national events with Farm Bureau and Arizona Cattlegrowers lets me visit with the neighbors, even if they live 12 hours away (you know who you are 🙂 ), network with other producers, and learn. The biggest reason is to be with and help build the agriculture community. I am always amazed at what my neighbors are doing. It expands my vision and horizons.

Participating in events like the Summer Ag Institute allows us to reach out to folks who aren’t involved in ag, teach and understand each other, and hopefully address concerns and begin conversations.

“Need not be present to win” works at sweepstakes but not for planning meetings, addressing issues, and working with the agencies that own the land we lease from, including the public! If I want a voice, I need to be there ….same thing in my mind as if you don’t vote, you really shouldn’t complain about who gets elected.

This year, I traveled to Mississippi to become certified in Annie’s Project. This is a risk management program for farm and ranch women. It is a way to help my neighbors and the amazing farm and ranch wives and operators out there improve their businesses and be good help mates.

Sonia GashoI believe God has placed me where I am, given me the family I have, and empowered me to work with the groups I do for a purpose. It isn’t out of an “I’m all that” attitude, for surely I am not. There are far better speakers and writers than me. Nor is it out of obligation or a sense of accomplishing good works, but rather because He has entrusted me, in my weakness, to be a light for His glory and purpose.

So, if you call and find I’m at a meeting or convention, it’s all about building community and being faithful where God has me.