1. went to the Grand Canyon – took the train, boys had never been

2.vaccinating, tagging, and branding cattle – this is our busy season and so most every weekend we’re at the corrals,(think of it as farmers planting or harvesting just without the big tractors :))

3. Arizona Cattle Growers Convention – state annual meeting, made a week of it after visiting the canyon for two days – the kids enjoyed the pool and cable tv

4. moving errant cows into the pasture we want them in, even if they want to be somewhere else

5. Enjoying Emily home again and the wonderful work God did and continues to do in Peru – 2001+ souls added to the kingdom

6. Boy scouts – wrap up for this year and Daniel finishing a rank and some merit badges

7. Summer ag institute tours with University of Arizona and Arizona Farm Bureau
8. Women in Ag conference in Phoenix – you amaze me ladies

and life goes on….with much praise for a happy healthy family, God’s wonderful creation, the ranch, and rain rain rain!