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Keeping Time

I have often told my daughter when teaching her music and piano, don’t rush your timing. Keep your time steady regardless of the tempo, even if it’s presto or allegro. How often do we rush through life, no matter the tempo? Do we really enjoy and be in the moment? Or do we rush from one to the next even on vacation? Let’s keep time with the heart of God as our metronome.
“lack of time is a lack of thanksgiving” – Ann Voskamp


Kabad – the weight of Glory

God’s glory – kabad (Hebrew) heaviness, weight, to promote, may also mean burden or weight down

How often we want to lighten our load. We get weary in day to day life. Perhaps we are literally heavy with child or weighed down with new responsibilities of marriage, parenthood, job, or ministry and it’s unknownness. Yet that is when we may be about to see His glory, or kabad the most. May our burdens of life and heart help us seek His glory. The same may laden us down or lift us up, it is our decision.

Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Feeling Bullish…

I’m sure many of you saw the Chevy superbowl commercial with the Hereford bull. My sis posted it to my facebook page the day I was going to pick up bulls. We test our bulls yearly to make sure they are able to do their jobs. So yes, we are checking semen motility, morphology, and measurement. Enough, right shape, and live. We also test for stds…no kidding. If our bulls go “visiting” by jumping a fence or the neighbors come see our girls, they could catch one. This would decrease the number of calves born each year and make everyone sick. Romance isn’t always simple, even for the bovine.