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Cowlendar Girl – February

dollyI thought I start this years calendar with our cow Dolly, #1. She is lead cow and will follow wherever we go if you wave a protein cube under her nose. She always gives us a calf and we keep her heifers as replacements. A real sweetie.


Cowlendar – August

This is #3, or Phantom as the kids call her. She almost always has a bald face baby, though not this year! She’s looking a little thin because she has a calf. 

July – a little late – Boys of Summer

112 – one of our young balancer bulls ready to get in the game – balancers are angus crossed with gelbvieh

June – the bottle baby

This is our cowlender girl for june.

dogie calf

June the bottle baby

We found her at the waterlot the other day obviously very hungry and weak. She went from cow to cow sucking and trying to get milk. No one claimed her. It is always an agonizing decision of wether to make a bottle baby. Did mom park her here and just hadn’t come back? Has mom abandoned her? Is mom one of the first calf heifers that’s clueless? If we don’t take her home will she die? If we do take her home will she die? After letting her wander and calling cows in with no sucess, we loaded her up and took her home.

Two bottles daily for at least 45 days and then feeding her out. Yes, she will get a ration and not just grass. On only grass, bottle babies or dogies, are small and scrubby and never

But mom’s milk is in the back!

thrive without mom around to teach them what and how to eat. So, now we’ll have a diary you can follow as she grows.  She wouldn’t take the bottle without some encouragement, and as you can see, a little faking out until today.

May Cowlendar Girl – Daisy

This is Daisy – #79. She is one of our few red cows left. She always looks good and consistently gives us a calf.    We kept one of her heifers, #113,  for replacement of cows we sell or that die. She always walks through the chute calm and quite and doesn’t “sull up” or balk.

Cowlendar Girls – April

Here’s a new feature: Cow of the Month

We hope you enjoy our cowlendar girls!  We don’t name all of them as coming up with 100+ names is a little much.

This is #33 “Mame”, so named because when we first bought her she would nurse any calf.  We named after “Auntie Mame” of movie fame. She is 4 and in her prime. She likes to be scratched along her sides.Image