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Arizona History With Grandpa – Field Trips Homeschool Style


Spent the day with Grandpa Cook on a history field trip. Drove over the mountain in our Polaris ranger  to the “West Stronghold”. We were on the west side of the mountain, ranch is on the east to the ridgeline and the east stronghold is one of our pastures.  (Google Cochise Stronghold for a good overview).

Hiked to council rocks, discussed Apache chieftan Cochise and his life, and viewed pictographs. Grandpa is still the best hiker in the bunch at 72 and with bad feet – though Daniel is fast catching up!

Granny provided a  “small” picnic – two type of sandwiches, hotdogs over a campfire, pickles, boiled eggs, cookies, twinkies, ice tea, and soda.  When we were kids, granny’s picnics were a regular occurrence and yummy!!

Left to head home and found ourselves in a downpour. Turned around and headed the “horse” for the “barn” in Tombstone – otherwise known as Granny and Poppa’s house. Spent the afternoon watching TV, making chocolate chip cookies and drying out. Drove home in the cool of the evening.

Blessed by being close to grandparents, Dad’s prodigious knowledge of history, no lightning just rain, and Granny’s cookies.

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Small Town Camraderie

I love living rural. I was reminded of this just this weekend. I was looking to buy a cross shaped cookie cutter for one of the snacks for Vacation Bible School. Several of us had been looking, and looking. My mom mentioned a lady at our church had made cross cookies a couple of years ago. So I called up my pastor’s wife and good friend. We chatted and caught up and then I got the other’s phone number. Left a message. She responded yes indeed she did have a cookie cutter – on it’s way with her hubby to church on Monday. If he didn’t catch us at church, he’d drop it at the local feed store for me to pick up later. Then I can return it via her daughter who also is working at Vacation Bible School. Yep, that’s why I love living out here!

Busyness, Ratkilling, putting out fires

Dear Readers,
Life has been busy as I’m sure yours has. We have been to conferences, vaccinated calves, branded, sold some cows, preg tested, and are getting ready to ship. School, and just life in general. I have had many ideas for blogs and just let them slip by. My apologies. I hope you enjoy the recipe coming up for soup to warm you up.

In Search Of….Kevin the Emu

So I may be dating myself with the “In Search of Title” but we have a mystery on the ranch. Today while driving to the windmill, suddenly what should pop out of the brush? Not a cow but an emu!! We decided to call him Kevin (props to “Up”) as we have never seen this bird before, as you can imagine it isn’t normal, and the neighbors have seen him/it a couple of times and have no idea where it came from. He disappeared over the hill and we didn’t see him again. Image

Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated!

This is an interesting article about a big health concern. Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated!.

Dog Days

We all love our dogs, wether they are strictly pets or work for a living. However, any and all dogs will, will, will revert to pack behavior with other dogs. Even if they come home from a stroll with an innocent look on their face, they may have feathers in their mouth! We recently had two dogs come through our yard early in the morning. My son’s pet chicken, the one we intended to use for 4H showmanship at the fair this fall, got snatched. She was still flapping as they ran out the gate so I was shouting drop it! no effect! jumped in the car to follow and hubby grabbed the shot gun. Yes, the dog was shot and killed. Drastic? Yes, but necessary. Once a dog starts killing for sport they don’t stop. The inner wolf comes out. In Arizona you may pursue and dispatch an animal that kills or harasses livestock. We didn’t want to. Would have liked to warn the owner. But now I have a sad little guy on my hands, may have to buy a new chicken, and an angry neighbor who we still don’t know. Pleeease, for everyone’s sake, keep your dogs at home.

Arizona Seasons

Arizona really does have all four seasons. Yes, you can drive to the mountains for fall foliage, and Flagstaff for plenty of snow. But if you take the time to look, you can find the seasons in all parts of AZ. Here’s my perspective from the southeast corner…..Spring – balmy, breezy days, fuzzy baby quail no bigger than a ping pong ball, mourning doves calling at dawn….Summer – hot days were the warmth from a bright sun seeps into your bones, showers and shade actually cool you off (it’s a dry heat), gambel’s quail call to their mates and announce their territories, and the buzz from lac insects is ever present in the creosote, sudden wind and rains with the monsoon, Thunder and lightning!,  and fabulous sunsets, the smell of rain on a dry thirsty land…..Fall – cool, hazy days with a weaker sunshine, grass turning brown, and just a certain feel in the air…..Winter – okay so it’s not as cold as a lot of other places but we still bundle up, low hanging scudding clouds, slow drizzly rain all day, furry horses, and snow on the mountains.