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June’s Sendoff

June is officially all grown up and graduated. We sold her two weeks ago. She most likely was bought by another ranch as a replacement heifer.


Graduation Day – June #2

Graduation Day - June  #2

June graduated to joining the main herd…hence the new brand on her rear and tag in her ear. She grew really well with the extra nutrition the grower and finisher provided. Without it, dogie calves stay little and runty looking since mom isn’t around. She will run with the big girls now. Next up….a calf next summer (we hope).

Diary of a Dogie, updated



So June is now a strapping 400+ pound heifer and coping just fine. She has graduated to a real pen as she was hogging all the goats feed. Daniel hasn’t decided if he will use her for 4-H or not but he needs to halter break her soon!

Diary of a Dogie – June is Weaned

ImageAs you can see, June is quite a bit bigger. She is officially weaned off bottles and starter ration. She is on a “grower” ration now and will be for awhile. She may be weaned but she still is sucking on my shirt and fingers! Our dairy goat, Tater, is in the background.

June – the bottle baby

This is our cowlender girl for june.

dogie calf

June the bottle baby

We found her at the waterlot the other day obviously very hungry and weak. She went from cow to cow sucking and trying to get milk. No one claimed her. It is always an agonizing decision of wether to make a bottle baby. Did mom park her here and just hadn’t come back? Has mom abandoned her? Is mom one of the first calf heifers that’s clueless? If we don’t take her home will she die? If we do take her home will she die? After letting her wander and calling cows in with no sucess, we loaded her up and took her home.

Two bottles daily for at least 45 days and then feeding her out. Yes, she will get a ration and not just grass. On only grass, bottle babies or dogies, are small and scrubby and never

But mom’s milk is in the back!

thrive without mom around to teach them what and how to eat. So, now we’ll have a diary you can follow as she grows.  She wouldn’t take the bottle without some encouragement, and as you can see, a little faking out until today.