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Fire on the Mountain


Excitement for our week – a “natural ignition” fire on a neighbors ranch and in one of our pastures. I was in town and a friend alerted me to smoke. I sent Emily and Daniel out to see where it was. Once they called me back and said it was close to the ranch but not too bad, I told them stick around since our neighbor  Miss Kay wasn’t home just in case they needed to put a sprinkler on her roof.

Conflicting thoughts ran through my head.

First and foremost, safety for our neighbors.  The windmill to the far left is ours, windmill in the background one of our neighbors. Three families live off the grid in our pasture.  ( Tip – if you live rural, particularly off grid make sure you have water storage and good water pressure! Also check with the local fire departments to see what kind of valve their hoses hook up to and consider installing one on your storage tank)

One of the cabins and a poly plastic storage tank did burn. Emily and Daniel did hang around and end up soaking her wood pile, rescuing kittens and a milk goat, another neighbors dog, and generally helping other neighbors evacuate.

So proud of them doing exactly what was needed and being the kind of neighbors we should be in rural areas.  We are sure sorry for Kay’s lost guest house. Returned the animals this morning.

Secondly I’m frustrated that once the houses were saved and the fire affecting them contained, all of the fire was put out. We really could have used a burn on the forest service hills and mountains behind the houses. The longer they don’t have some smaller, controlled burns the more catastrophic a fire will be, much like what is happening in Oregon.

Fire – scary, exciting, destructive, renewing and ultimately not in our control. Thankful for the Lord’s provision even when we don’t always understand it or see it.


Small Town Camraderie

I love living rural. I was reminded of this just this weekend. I was looking to buy a cross shaped cookie cutter for one of the snacks for Vacation Bible School. Several of us had been looking, and looking. My mom mentioned a lady at our church had made cross cookies a couple of years ago. So I called up my pastor’s wife and good friend. We chatted and caught up and then I got the other’s phone number. Left a message. She responded yes indeed she did have a cookie cutter – on it’s way with her hubby to church on Monday. If he didn’t catch us at church, he’d drop it at the local feed store for me to pick up later. Then I can return it via her daughter who also is working at Vacation Bible School. Yep, that’s why I love living out here!