We all love our dogs, wether they are strictly pets or work for a living. However, any and all dogs will, will, will revert to pack behavior with other dogs. Even if they come home from a stroll with an innocent look on their face, they may have feathers in their mouth! We recently had two dogs come through our yard early in the morning. My son’s pet chicken, the one we intended to use for 4H showmanship at the fair this fall, got snatched. She was still flapping as they ran out the gate so I was shouting drop it! no effect! jumped in the car to follow and hubby grabbed the shot gun. Yes, the dog was shot and killed. Drastic? Yes, but necessary. Once a dog starts killing for sport they don’t stop. The inner wolf comes out. In Arizona you may pursue and dispatch an animal that kills or harasses livestock. We didn’t want to. Would have liked to warn the owner. But now I have a sad little guy on my hands, may have to buy a new chicken, and an angry neighbor who we still don’t know. Pleeease, for everyone’s sake, keep your dogs at home.