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Went grocery shopping Monday night and called dear hubby to tell him how close I was to home. He replied we just got back to the house (9pm) as #53 was down in the mudhole on Pearce Road. One of our neighbors called her sister who called us. The sheriff showed up (not sure why though someone may have called him). Drug her out of the mud with a rope (see sometimes we’re mean post). She didn’t get up but appeared happy and chewing her cud. Went out the next day, nope not up. Called another neighbor who has a hip-sling. This contraption fits over the cows hip bones and then you lift with a chain and tractor or backhoe. Got her standing and steady. She got a drink and proceeded to go down again moving. Called the neighbor back who had just left. Cranked her back up. Led her off to level ground where she stumbled and went down again tripping over her own hooves. Called said neighbor and borrowed hip sling. Cranked her up and left her a pile of cubes to munch on. No sign of her this morning (it’s a 1500 acre pasture) so so far so good. My back was a little sore and I was ready for bed after lifting her head up to get her front legs under her!


Small Town Camraderie

I love living rural. I was reminded of this just this weekend. I was looking to buy a cross shaped cookie cutter for one of the snacks for Vacation Bible School. Several of us had been looking, and looking. My mom mentioned a lady at our church had made cross cookies a couple of years ago. So I called up my pastor’s wife and good friend. We chatted and caught up and then I got the other’s phone number. Left a message. She responded yes indeed she did have a cookie cutter – on it’s way with her hubby to church on Monday. If he didn’t catch us at church, he’d drop it at the local feed store for me to pick up later. Then I can return it via her daughter who also is working at Vacation Bible School. Yep, that’s why I love living out here!


Shade is wonderful in hot weather, and in Arizona can even be literally lifesaving. Because it’s a “dry heat” if it’s 100 in the sun it will be at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade. Just walking under a shady tree will cool you off right away.
This is one of my favorite trees on our ranch. It is a desert hackberry and probably around 60 years old. Every time I walk under it, it is like meeting an old friend.