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Wide Open Spaces

Seeds must be broken to produce life or they remain useless and hard. Some only need a good soaking to germinate and some need scarification, or removal of the seed coat by tumbling on the ground, stomach acid of birds and other animals, or fire. Some lay dormant for years till conditions are right, rain, removal of invasive plants competiton, or fire.

Mesquite, for example, requires fire, oan animals digestive tract, or hard scrubbing on a grind stone, metate,to scarifiy the seed. In its proper place it’s seeds can be turned into flour for bread or it may grow into a beautiful tree giving shade in the desert. Too much and it is an aggressive invader choking out grasses and other plants, sending it’s tap root down and stealing others water.
Help me not to compare my walk with others but trust that God, the greatest gardener, knows what kind of seed I am and what I need to flourish.

May I remember to give others room to grow, especially my children. One may need grinding and one may need soaking, and it might even change day by day. Only the Lord knows exactly.

It’s my job to help, encourage,  and seek wisdom on what kind of seed the people God has put in my life are.

It’s also important I let others water me. Even if it’s city water and not well water! May I never steal someone else’s blessing, and maybe stunt their growth, by refusing help or doing everything myself, even if, especially if, I can.

Let us be sowing and watering generously,  gentle with tender shoots, and patient for harvest.


Peaceful Pastures

Today has been one of those days….nothing going according to plan, everything taking longer than expected. As I drive out to check on the cows water and see if they’ve drifted into the next pasture like good students, I rehearse in my head my to do list….finish sanding the bedroom floor, review math with boys, emails that need sending, call the butcher, calls that need made, check the goat who is ready to kid any day and on and on. But….as I drive, I am slowly overtaken by God’s creation.
*the splash of white yucca blossoms against pale green sun cured grass
*golden sunshine bathing one foothill while the rest lounge in late afternoon shadows
* cattle lowing to their calves and calming chewing their cud
* the swoop of a hawk as he finds a new perch
*buzzing insects in the brush
* quiet sitting on the porch
* cool concrete on bare feet
* a tiny yellow bird flitting from branch to branch
*billowing clouds stark white against a impossibly blue sky

and I am reminded of the psalmist declaration “Be still and know that I am God”, I hear his gentle whisper in my heart – I know you, I love you, I am – quite fretting, work that needs doing will get done and the rest will wait or fall away, and one word comes stealing over me, calming my fretful heart, echoing in the breeze and the sunshine – Peace

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

what i did on my summer vacation…

1. went to the Grand Canyon – took the train, boys had never been

2.vaccinating, tagging, and branding cattle – this is our busy season and so most every weekend we’re at the corrals,(think of it as farmers planting or harvesting just without the big tractors :))

3. Arizona Cattle Growers Convention – state annual meeting, made a week of it after visiting the canyon for two days – the kids enjoyed the pool and cable tv

4. moving errant cows into the pasture we want them in, even if they want to be somewhere else

5. Enjoying Emily home again and the wonderful work God did and continues to do in Peru – 2001+ souls added to the kingdom

6. Boy scouts – wrap up for this year and Daniel finishing a rank and some merit badges

7. Summer ag institute tours with University of Arizona and Arizona Farm Bureau
8. Women in Ag conference in Phoenix – you amaze me ladies

and life goes on….with much praise for a happy healthy family, God’s wonderful creation, the ranch, and rain rain rain!

Coming like rain…

We had a week of rain. When you live in the desert southwest a half inch is big news. We long for, pray for, and rejoice when the thirsty land gets any moisture! We also got snow and still have some on the ground. In my Bible study I came across a verse in the Bible I’ve read before…isn’t great how the Lord can give you a verse and it seems new to you?? Hosea 6:3 says we acknowledge the Lord who is as constant as the sunrise and comes to us like the rain! Here in Arizona we have a bimodal weather pattern…long slow showers in the winter for about 40% of our year, and convective thunderstorms in the summer. Whether it’s a drizzly rain all day or the might and fearfulness of our summer storms we are thankful for every drop. May I look for the Lord as much and more than I look for rain.