Wide Open Spaces

Seeds must be broken to produce life or they remain useless and hard. Some only need a good soaking to germinate and some need scarification, or removal of the seed coat by tumbling on the ground, stomach acid of birds and other animals, or fire. Some lay dormant for years till conditions are right, rain, removal of invasive plants competiton, or fire.

Mesquite, for example, requires fire, oan animals digestive tract, or hard scrubbing on a grind stone, metate,to scarifiy the seed. In its proper place it’s seeds can be turned into flour for bread or it may grow into a beautiful tree giving shade in the desert. Too much and it is an aggressive invader choking out grasses and other plants, sending it’s tap root down and stealing others water.
Help me not to compare my walk with others but trust that God, the greatest gardener, knows what kind of seed I am and what I need to flourish.

May I remember to give others room to grow, especially my children. One may need grinding and one may need soaking, and it might even change day by day. Only the Lord knows exactly.

It’s my job to help, encourage, ¬†and seek wisdom on what kind of seed the people God has put in my life are.

It’s also important I let others water me. Even if it’s city water and not well water! May I never steal someone else’s blessing, and maybe stunt their growth, by refusing help or doing everything myself, even if, especially if, I can.

Let us be sowing and watering generously,  gentle with tender shoots, and patient for harvest.