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Why I’m Glad I Don’t Have Wi-Fi at Home

Strange Title for a blog post, I’ll admit. Especially when I just finished a class on building a business website. Still….I really am glad overall. Oh there are days it would be convenient, and I wouldn’t have a stack of stuff two inches thick constantly rotating on my desk. But…here’s the reasons I’m glad I dont:

(please note, this isn’t a rant against those of you who do check your accounts daily or do business on the web, just my thoughts)

* I can’t spend (waste) too much time on the computer because I can’t constantly be checking my blog, facebook, and email. Plus, there’s less chance of posting something I’ll regret or feeling like I must post something, anything!

*Not wondering if someone thought of me in the last three hours.

Did you know checking electronic accounts too much actually raises and then crashes the dopamine and endorphines in your head? Guess its cause we all get a happy fuzzy when someone says hi but if we check  and nobody has notices us today, well the blues start.

*Don’t need to buy filters for the computer.

I know some of you don’t use filters but I have two prepubescent boys at home who are on the verge of manhood and I don’t want to go there with the web, thanks. If we don’t got the web, they can’t stumble on sexually explicit material. Plus, when they are on the computer we can work together and have sane conversations beforehand about what’s appropriate and what’s not and at an appropriate age.

*If I feel the need to say something and it takes me three days to get it on the blog, I might change my mind completely, find more information, or just be better written.

So there it is and yes you can call me stuck in a previous century. I manage to keep up and I’d rather be outside chasing cows and enjoying the sunshine anyway.

Happy Unplugging!


Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated!

This is an interesting article about a big health concern. Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated!.

June – the bottle baby

This is our cowlender girl for june.

dogie calf

June the bottle baby

We found her at the waterlot the other day obviously very hungry and weak. She went from cow to cow sucking and trying to get milk. No one claimed her. It is always an agonizing decision of wether to make a bottle baby. Did mom park her here and just hadn’t come back? Has mom abandoned her? Is mom one of the first calf heifers that’s clueless? If we don’t take her home will she die? If we do take her home will she die? After letting her wander and calling cows in with no sucess, we loaded her up and took her home.

Two bottles daily for at least 45 days and then feeding her out. Yes, she will get a ration and not just grass. On only grass, bottle babies or dogies, are small and scrubby and never

But mom’s milk is in the back!

thrive without mom around to teach them what and how to eat. So, now we’ll have a diary you can follow as she grows.  She wouldn’t take the bottle without some encouragement, and as you can see, a little faking out until today.

“Pink Slime”, our meat, and you

Recently there was a blowup in the media about so-called “pink slime” in hamburger. I want to attempt to address several issues from what “pink slime” is and isn’t, to our meat products ,to my own humble opinions. So,here goes…….

“Pink slime” is also known as “Finely texturized beef”. It is using the trimming and leavings after grinding. They are taken and combined/centrifuged/whipped and separted from fat and then added back into the meat. Because this is further processing and a by-product,  not an additive, it does not, by law, have to be on the label. It is still meat, just like bologna, hot dogs, or hog jowls are still meat. I am not a fan of fat of any kind, as my son can tell you at the dinner table, so I do understand there is a certain ick factor, but this isn’t a different substance being added in. It is treated with ammonium hydroxide gas, which is not molecularly the same as ammonia that you use on your floors, and has been approved by the FDA for use on many foods from cheese to chocolate and then some. So….where does that leave us? In my humble opinion, that leaves you with an issue of consumer choice, and perhaps labeling preferences, but not necessarily a health issue.

Now, as far as our meat is concerned, this by-product is not, let me repeat not, used. We eat and enjoy our meat and find its taste and texture to be far superior to supermarket beef.  We are not organic certified because of cost and time involved, but it would be easy for us to be. I find shopping organic to be more of a peace of mind/consumer choice issue than necessarily a obvious  health benefit. If you feel differently, I’d be happy to talk.

Wether you have concerns about health and safety or not, America’s food supply is still one of, if not the safest in the world. At the end of the day, I am so thankful to God that I live in a country where we can be concerned, argue,and discuss potential health issues and food processing practices. I am thankful we live under a government that we can participate in and bring these kind of discussions up. After all, many people in this world don’t care what’s in it or on it …..just that they have something to eat!