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It Rained on the Desert Today….okay poured

Last night we had a huge storm…. our first was about two weeks ago. When it rains here, we all rejoice. You can almost feel the earth holding its breath under the hot sun and then give a sigh of relief for the cool fresh water, sometimes you can hear the water sinking into the dry earth. We pray for it, wait for it, kick the dust, and do a rain dance when it comes! The first rain we had the temperature dropped from 100 to 72.  After it was safe, the kids took to the puddles!  My beautiful picture rain puddles


Coming like rain…

We had a week of rain. When you live in the desert southwest a half inch is big news. We long for, pray for, and rejoice when the thirsty land gets any moisture! We also got snow and still have some on the ground. In my Bible study I came across a verse in the Bible I’ve read before…isn’t great how the Lord can give you a verse and it seems new to you?? Hosea 6:3 says we acknowledge the Lord who is as constant as the sunrise and comes to us like the rain! Here in Arizona we have a bimodal weather pattern…long slow showers in the winter for about 40% of our year, and convective thunderstorms in the summer. Whether it’s a drizzly rain all day or the might and fearfulness of our summer storms we are thankful for every drop. May I look for the Lord as much and more than I look for rain.

Running Hot and Cold

We had quite a cold snap last week – didn’t get above freezing for a week and we were colder than Anchorage Alaska! had icicles around our troughs and a cracked valve, had to break ice on the troughs and the frog pond stayed frozen thick enough to stand on the whole week….brrrr!

Then….this week it’s been up in the 70s and 80s, no joke! Now it’s cloudy and going to rain…

Our neighbor, whose lived in the area all his life says “I like being a cattleman 12 months out of the year but I only want to cowboy about 9 months out of the year”

Monsoon Mania

If you live in Arizona, Thanksgiving really happens in July when the rain starts. “Hip, Hip, Hooray, It’s Monsoon Day!” is not only the title of a charming bilingual children’s book, but the general sentiment in my neck of the woods. If you live in a wet area you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. I submit for your consideration, we haven’t had measureable moisture since January….until the 4th of July! Here’s my favorite things about the summer monsoons:

The natural fireworks

The smell – there is nothing like the scent of rain on the wind in the desert

Huge, gray thunderheads heavy with rain piled up over the mountains

The anticipation – just because it’s raining across the valley does not mean we’ll get any

Dust settled

The world is freshly washed

It’s cool and the air is sweet after the rain – no mugginess

The sight of running water down the ditches

The sound of frogs carrying over 1/2 a mile away from the replenished stock tanks

mud puddles

Everyone whispering and just plain announcing in church – “it’s raining, it’s raining” and not because their car windows are down

feeling of releif

the blush of green that comes over the hills, practically overnight

truly getting the meaning of phrases in the Bible like streams of water in the desert, a dry thirsty land, a tree planted by streams of living water,and how our souls should long for God like longing for rain

While we long for and pray for rain every year, we are thankful when it comes and never, ever, complain about too much!