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But it’s a dry heat….

Monsoon Mania
Dog Days
It Rained on the Desert Today….okay poured

But its a dry heat…As summer heats up, you’ll often hear desert dwellers use this phrase.  Yes, I have lived in the desert most of my life, but…I also lived on a tropical island for a year and in Florida for extended visits. So, I can speak to both sidez of the great heat debate and no you don’t have to agree with me (I’m sure some of you won’t). Even after a year in Puerto Rico I didn’t get used to the humidty.

Yes 120 is just plain hot. Check out the links for the real difference between humid and dry heat and an exhibition the City of Tempe did on the subject.


Why I think dry is better than humid:

  1. Move into the shade and you’ll actually notice a difference – 5 to 10 degrees makes a big difference. Get lost or stranded and the first thing you need is shade, than water.  Got a jacket? use it for shade and then warmth at night. No joke, hypothermia is the main reason EMTs get called out in AZ in the summer. Why? Temperature differences that marked make you cold, even at 70 degrees.
  2. When you take a shower, you’ll feel cooler and stay cooler for hours, not towel off and feel icky all over again
  3. Monsoon Rains – before it rains the humidity rises and it’s muggy, but after it rains…ahhh you can actually feel the whole earth sigh of relief. It cools off literally 20-30 degrees and stays that way for awhile.
  4. You may have hot seats in your car, but you won’t have steamed up windows. 5am leaving for a flight in Florida with steamed up windows is just icky! Morning and evenings are gorgeous.
  5. Drinking water makes a difference, not just like you can’t breathe. Of course, I wish McDonalds would have talked to us desert rats before doing away with super size drinks. We really do need that much water when you’ve been outside working in 100 degree weather…with a refill! Note: we thank the Florida Gators for inventing Gatorade, works great here too, maybe even better. Warning – You can’t possibly carry enough water to keep you hydrated all day when it’s 120.Sadly illegal border crossers die every day in the summer because of this. Don’t try to hike the Grand Canyon in the summer with one gallon of water either!
  6. A breeze will cool you off (see #1) not just move sweat.
  7. No skeeters! or at least only around pools, easily controlled.

Springing Heavy , Making, and Bumping Hard

Aww, spring when a young man’s fancy turns to love….and a cattlemen’s turns to judging teats and the back ends of cows!

Springing heavy – picture a very pregnant lady and you get the idea, heavy with life and anticipation.

Bumping Hard – cows vulvas loosen and swell to allow for easier birth and “bump” against the tail. When you see this you know it’s within the month, if not sooner.

Making a bag – udder is filling with milk. stage 1 – just the teats, stage 2 – teats and small amount in udder, stage 3 – teats and udder full, stage 4- teats and udder tight and full – real sooon!

We don’t have the facilities to bring every body up close to our house in a yard. They are out on the range and on their own. We have only had the joy of seeing calves born about 3 times and only once out in the pasture. Of course, if we come across a cow having trouble we’d help, but even checking our cows every other day to daily when they’re all calving, we just don’t see them all.

This little brockle faced heifer is our first of this year. cows


It Rained on the Desert Today….okay poured

Last night we had a huge storm…. our first was about two weeks ago. When it rains here, we all rejoice. You can almost feel the earth holding its breath under the hot sun and then give a sigh of relief for the cool fresh water, sometimes you can hear the water sinking into the dry earth. We pray for it, wait for it, kick the dust, and do a rain dance when it comes! The first rain we had the temperature dropped from 100 to 72.  After it was safe, the kids took to the puddles!  My beautiful picture rain puddles

“We’re Burning Daylight”

This phrase, made famous by John Wayne in “The Cowboys”, is one of my least favorite! No, it has nothing to do with literally harnessing solar energy and turning it into electrical current. If you don’t speak cowboy, it basically means times a wastin or get a move on. When we first bought the ranch, dear hubby said it often. He’s since learned to only say it in jest as to my womanly ears it translates somewhere in midair to you’re slowing me down, you’re not doing it right, or you’re not doing enough!!  We should be organized and aware of which jobs need doing in what order, but somehow this simple phrase just gets my back up. The Scriptures do tell us in Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. Numbering our days speaks of being aware of the passage of time, using it wisely, and enjoying the gifts of seasons and sunsets NOT just gitten it done. I found a sign at the local feed store with this phrase on it and bought it for dear hubby for Christmas. Now if I can just get him to post it in the barn where I can’t see it…..

Arizona Seasons

Arizona really does have all four seasons. Yes, you can drive to the mountains for fall foliage, and Flagstaff for plenty of snow. But if you take the time to look, you can find the seasons in all parts of AZ. Here’s my perspective from the southeast corner…..Spring – balmy, breezy days, fuzzy baby quail no bigger than a ping pong ball, mourning doves calling at dawn….Summer – hot days were the warmth from a bright sun seeps into your bones, showers and shade actually cool you off (it’s a dry heat), gambel’s quail call to their mates and announce their territories, and the buzz from lac insects is ever present in the creosote, sudden wind and rains with the monsoon, Thunder and lightning!,  and fabulous sunsets, the smell of rain on a dry thirsty land…..Fall – cool, hazy days with a weaker sunshine, grass turning brown, and just a certain feel in the air…..Winter – okay so it’s not as cold as a lot of other places but we still bundle up, low hanging scudding clouds, slow drizzly rain all day, furry horses, and snow on the mountains.