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Keeping Time

I have often told my daughter when teaching her music and piano, don’t rush your timing. Keep your time steady regardless of the tempo, even if it’s presto or allegro. How often do we rush through life, no matter the tempo? Do we really enjoy and be in the moment? Or do we rush from one to the next even on vacation? Let’s keep time with the heart of God as our metronome.
“lack of time is a lack of thanksgiving” – Ann Voskamp


Why I’m Glad I Don’t Have Wi-Fi at Home

Strange Title for a blog post, I’ll admit. Especially when I just finished a class on building a business website. Still….I really am glad overall. Oh there are days it would be convenient, and I wouldn’t have a stack of stuff two inches thick constantly rotating on my desk. But…here’s the reasons I’m glad I dont:

(please note, this isn’t a rant against those of you who do check your accounts daily or do business on the web, just my thoughts)

* I can’t spend (waste) too much time on the computer because I can’t constantly be checking my blog, facebook, and email. Plus, there’s less chance of posting something I’ll regret or feeling like I must post something, anything!

*Not wondering if someone thought of me in the last three hours.

Did you know checking electronic accounts too much actually raises and then crashes the dopamine and endorphines in your head? Guess its cause we all get a happy fuzzy when someone says hi but if we check  and nobody has notices us today, well the blues start.

*Don’t need to buy filters for the computer.

I know some of you don’t use filters but I have two prepubescent boys at home who are on the verge of manhood and I don’t want to go there with the web, thanks. If we don’t got the web, they can’t stumble on sexually explicit material. Plus, when they are on the computer we can work together and have sane conversations beforehand about what’s appropriate and what’s not and at an appropriate age.

*If I feel the need to say something and it takes me three days to get it on the blog, I might change my mind completely, find more information, or just be better written.

So there it is and yes you can call me stuck in a previous century. I manage to keep up and I’d rather be outside chasing cows and enjoying the sunshine anyway.

Happy Unplugging!

“We’re Burning Daylight”

This phrase, made famous by John Wayne in “The Cowboys”, is one of my least favorite! No, it has nothing to do with literally harnessing solar energy and turning it into electrical current. If you don’t speak cowboy, it basically means times a wastin or get a move on. When we first bought the ranch, dear hubby said it often. He’s since learned to only say it in jest as to my womanly ears it translates somewhere in midair to you’re slowing me down, you’re not doing it right, or you’re not doing enough!!  We should be organized and aware of which jobs need doing in what order, but somehow this simple phrase just gets my back up. The Scriptures do tell us in Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. Numbering our days speaks of being aware of the passage of time, using it wisely, and enjoying the gifts of seasons and sunsets NOT just gitten it done. I found a sign at the local feed store with this phrase on it and bought it for dear hubby for Christmas. Now if I can just get him to post it in the barn where I can’t see it…..