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It Rained on the Desert Today….okay poured

Last night we had a huge storm…. our first was about two weeks ago. When it rains here, we all rejoice. You can almost feel the earth holding its breath under the hot sun and then give a sigh of relief for the cool fresh water, sometimes you can hear the water sinking into the dry earth. We pray for it, wait for it, kick the dust, and do a rain dance when it comes! The first rain we had the temperature dropped from 100 to 72.  After it was safe, the kids took to the puddles!  My beautiful picture rain puddles



In this dry, thirsty land we are giving thanks for an early Christmas gift…snow! Yes, I am thankful for the white stuff. It will replenish the springs and mines that are all but dry up on the mountains. I am also thankful I live where the mountains are gorgeous, I can enjoy, and I don’t have to shovel it! 🙂 Thank you Lord for all your gifts to us. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Blue Lines on a Map

The color blue on a topographical or road map usually denotes water. Many of the blue lines that crisscross Arizona still stand for water – only the water may not be standing.


Much of our states waterways and rivers are seasonal and only run water when it has rained enough, maybe once every ten years in some cases.


In World War 2, a prisoner of war camp was set up in an area outside of Phoenix known as Papago Park. Some German prisoners interred there decided to make an escape attempt. Most of them were quickly captured at train and bus stations. The commanding officer hid out just above the camp for a month or so and gave himself up when he realized he had no good means of escape and could die of thirst. A couple, noticing the blue line on a map, made it down to the Gila River, planning to steal a boat. They gave themselves up after discovering there was no water in the Gila! True story!


Just down the valley from us, Whitewater Draw “flows” into Mexico. Only it hasn’t run water since the 1930s when the railroad and towns changed the way water runs off into the valley floor. Nevertheless, the blue line on the map is still there.


If the Environmental Protection Agency continues to act on it’s own “Guidance” document, rather than under Congress and the Clean Water Act, those blue lines on the map become permitted waters – with no water.


Please contact your legislators. Urge them to “Stop the Flood of Regulation” and rein in the EPAs strong-arm tactics.